HHUM Resources

Health Humanities Journals

●     Finding Purpose: Honing the Practice of Making Meaning in Medicine- a student-run publication This issue of The Permanente Journal is about poetry and suit it to foster healthcare-related conversation

●     ​​Consider submitting your work to UNC Health Humanities Journal, a student-run publication

●      The Polyphony: Conversations Across the Medical Humanities:

○      Publishes mostly prose pieces reflecting on art, philosophy, and medicine

●      The Examined Life Journal: University of Iowa College of Medicine:

●      Intima: A Journal of Narrative Medicine (associated with Columbia's Narrative Medicine program)

○      Publishes mostly art, short stories, and poetry related to health

●      Medical Humanities a BMJ journal

●      AMA Journal of Ethics

○      Publishes a mix of art, reflective narratives, and essays on bioethics

●      JAMA

○      Has a humanities section that publishes essays, personal narratives, and poetry

●      Qualitative Health Research

○      Publishes qualitative studies (e.g., ethnographies, oral histories, open-ended interviews, etc.) related to health and medicine

●      Health Communication

○      Publishes a mix of qualitative and quantitative research on health communication. The "Defining Moments" section includes essays that share personal narratives contextualized within research and theory

●      Anthropismos

○      A new journal associated with the Arnold P. Gold Foundation which publishes: "poetry, photography, visual art, works of reflection, or fictional/non-fictional prose in order to raise awareness of the importance of humanism while creating solidarity amongst clinical and nonclinical members of the medical community."

●      Narrative Inquiry in Bioethics

○      “Provides a forum for exploring current issues in bioethics through the publication and analysis of personal stories, qualitative and mixed-methods research articles, and case studies.”

●      The Pulse

○     Goals: To provide students from all of the colleges within USF Health with a publication to read and contribute to, publish online articles continuously across all domains, and release a journal-styled PDF highlighting the semester's submissions once per academic year


Additional Helpful Resources

●      Connections in Narrative Medicine

○      Free, synchronous virtual narrative medicine sessions are held weekly, facilitated by Columbia University faculty & alums

●      NYU's Literature, arts, and medicine database

○      Catalogs different artistic pieces that have been used in narrative medicine sessions

●      RX/Museum

○      A curated list of artistic works with reflective essays

●      Medhumchat

○      Biweekly Twitter chats about the health humanities with a resource library of discussion guides

●      The Health Humanities Syllabus Repository by the Health Humanities Consortium and Rice Humanities Medical Futures Lab

○      They also have a good health humanities curricular toolkit

●      Durham University's Institute for Medical Humanities has a good mailing list that shares events and research related to health humanities

●      The American Association of Medical Colleges has a two-part guide for integrating arts and humanities into medical education with many resources for educators


●      Arthur P. Gold Foundation Humanism & Healing

●      Western Michigan University’s Annual Medical Humanities conference

●      International Health Humanities Consortium Conference

●      International Conference on Communication in Healthcare


●      The Health Humanities Consortium

●      American Society for Bioethics and Humanities

●      The Academy of Communication in Healthcare

Examples of Interactive, Multimedia Exhibits Sharing Qualitative Research Projects

●      "Gather" is a collection of multimedia oral history exhibits from Columbia's Oral History MA program

●      "Listen Here" is another collection of virtual and interactive oral history projects from Columbia Oral History students

●      Some of my favorite online, interactive exhibits:

○      "Still. Life.:The Story of Her Skin" by Nyssa Chow

○      "Hearing Voices" from Durham University's interdisciplinary study on voice hearing

○      "Who Are You? An Experiment in Storytelling" by Lily Doron:

○      "Becoming Wild Again in America: The Restoration and Resurgence of the Pablo-Allard Bison Herd" by Francine D. Spang-Willis