Welcome to Health & Medical Humanities

The Health & Medical Humanities (HHUM) program, housed in the Office of Interdisciplinary Studies, is supported by faculty and departments across the College of Humanities & Earth and Social Sciences, including Africana Studies, Anthropology, Communication Studies, Criminal Justice and Criminology, English, History, Philosophy, Political Science, and Sociology.

Why Study Health & Medical Humanities?

Health & Medical Humanities enhances personal reflection, critical thinking, and contextual understanding by offering a humanistic understanding of illness, human physiology, healthcare, and well-being. Undergoing this program, students gain a profound understanding of diverse communities’ relationship with healthcare through personal, historical, and sociocultural contexts.

Who can Apply?

Health & Medical Humanities offers an undergraduate minor and a concentration. While you must be an Interdisciplinary Studies Major to declare HHUM as a concentration, the minor program is open to any undergraduate student across disciplines.