Christine S. Davis

Christine S. Davis

Emeritus Faculty, COMM
Communication Studies

I am an Emeritus Faculty in the Communication Studies Department at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. My research interests are in the intersection of family, culture, health humanities, and health communication. I publish regularly on topics such as children’s health, children’s mental health, end-of-life communication, family disability, and qualitative research methods. I specifically study people with illnesses and conditions that are incurable as they face revisions in their personal identity and narrative and negotiate the liminal spaces between ‘well’ and ‘unwell,’ alive and dead, and power and marginalization. I was honored to be the founding Director of the Health & Medical Humanities minor from 2017-2019.

Research Interests

  • Health Communication (with an emphasis on mental health, disability, aging, end-of-life communication, family communication, patient-provider communication, and group communication)
  • Research Methods (with an emphasis on narratives, ethnography, and autoethnography)

HHUM Courses

HHUM 2100: Introduction to Health & Medical Humanities

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