Debra Basalik

Debra Basalik

Part-time Instructor

I have worked at UNC Charlotte in the Communication Studies Department for seven years, primarily teaching on the Health Communication Track. I obtained my bachelor’s degree from WVU and my master’s and doctorate from UNC Charlotte. My research interests include health literacy, caregiver stress, and public health communication.

The course HHUM 2100, Intro to Health & Medical Humanities, draws upon aspects of the arts and humanities to understand health and illness. It draws upon the creative and fine arts (including visual arts, music, and performing arts) and humanities disciplines (including literary studies, languages, law, history, and anthropology) to better understand health and well-being.

The course HHUM 4800, Health & Medical Humanities Portfolio Capstone, focuses on health communication at the intersection of race and healthcare using a critical/cultural lens. Racial disparities in healthcare access, quality, and outcomes are pervasive and persistent. This course examines how racism is a fundamental driver of these racial disparities and how healthcare systems and employees must address racism as their professional responsibility through training, support, and inclusion.

HHUM Courses

  • HHUM 2100

  • HHUM 4800