Erin Basinger

Erin Basinger

Associate Professor, COMM
Communication Studies
Colvard 5021

I am an Associate Professor and Graduate Program Director in the Department of Communication Studies. My program of research focuses on how people cope with stress in the context of their interpersonal relationships (e.g., family relationships, romantic partnerships), recognizing that stress and relationships are mutually impactful. My primary research questions focus on stress and coping and stem from the assumption that coping occurs in the context of social relationships. Specifically, I have studied stressors including diabetes, chronic illness, mental health, sexual health, and grief and loss.

Research Interests

  • Interpersonal processes, including conflict, social support, and coping, as they occur in the health contexts

HHUM Core Course

  • HHUM 4800: Health & Medical Humanities Capstone

HHUM Elective

  • COMM 4115: Coping and Health Communication

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