HHUM Capstone Exemplars

The Health & Medical Humanities would like to recognize the outstanding HHUM 4800 Capstone projects from some of our outstanding students.

Izzie Falls

I did my Health & Medical Humanities Capstone Project on the health of people without housing. Within this project, I wrote a research paper on the health issues of people without housing and translated this into an oral presentation. Additionally, I made an Infographic explaining ways to help the health of people without housing from my research.

Joaly Canseco

Covid 19 Underserved Communities Healthcare Resource

Kristyn Champion

KG Smith


Kennedy Stallworth

There are many stigmas about mental health in the U.S. that keep people at a distance. During the COVID-19 pandemic (Summer 2021), this is a film created with great concern for the future of our world and nation's healthcare system to showcase the empirical knowledge of those inside of the mental healthcare and healthcare systems through dialogue.


Jacqueline Stephens

Under the advisement of Dr. Erin Basinger, Jacqueline Stephens used her HHUM 4480 capstone portfolio to marry her two majors, Fine Arts and Health Systems Management, with her Health & Medical Humanities Minor. Her portfolio features original art, class projects, photographs, and reflections from her studies abroad, framed through the lens of the knowledge she gained in the HHUM minor. Jacqueline graduated in May 2020. Congrats, Jacqueline! You can view her portfolio here.

Maya Thompson

African American Single Mothers and Mental Health

Isabel Varela

This brochure shares an overall idea of a career in Occupational Therapy. This may help anyone who would like information on how to become an OT and gain perspective on the job itself. 

Yaritza Villalobos

Medically Underserved Populations in North Carolina and Internationally

Chesney Wooten

Native American Culture and Health

Kayla Jessup

Throughout my last semester of college at UNC Charlotte (Spring 2022), I researched the topic of mindfulness in healthcare for my minor in Health & Medical Humanities. I looked at all the benefits of incorporating mindfulness into physicians' practices and how it can improve chronic pain and side effects of cancer. I formed a website with all of the information that I found under the supervision of Dr. Margaret Quinlan and gave many examples of how you can practice mindfulness in your everyday life. Link to my website.

Makiya Parker

For my HHUM Capstone project, I chose the topic of my interest, maternal and infant mortality. Structural racism in the United States shows insufficient access and inferior quality of care for black women. Healthcare providers should be very attentive to all races, no matter the color of their skin. I created a Change.org petition under the supervision of Dr. Amber Knight to provide knowledge on maternal and infant mortality. After graduation, I would like to be an advocate for African Americans on specific racial disparity issues, which are continuing to rise daily. I created an e-portfolio.

Mercury Carver

Under the guidance of Professor Shanice Cameron, this project encompasses a broad and in-depth look into the workings of the brain as it is affected by music while combining aspects from Health & Medical Humanities and Psychology. The project includes a website that shows interviews held by students from UNC Charlotte as well as a 17-page paper that goes into more in detail.


Cassie Camp

Cassie is a junior Nursing major at Charlotte with a double minor in Health & Medical Humanities and Spanish. Dr. Teresa Scheid was her advisor for her capstone project during Summer 2022. Her capstone focuses on errors in the medical field and how healthcare providers should fight to change them. It highlights patients as whole beings instead of a diagnosis, fighting for more diversity in the workplace, and the importance of older adults in our society. You can view her PowerPoint here.

Karly Freeman

For my Capstone Portfolio for my HHUM minor, I decided to research Adverse Childhood Experiences and the benefits of understanding what they are and how one may be exposed to them. I also wanted to express how common it is for individuals to suffer from ACEs and how they can connect with those around them who may understand. You can view her website here.