Minor Requirements & IDST/HHUM Electives

This page is mostly about the Health & Medical Humanities minor. Information about the major is on a different tab, but the electives are the same.

The HHUM minor is 18 credits. You can double-count two electives.

Always double-check the University Catalog for the HHUM minor and IDST/HHUM major

Required Courses (6 credits)

Choose any combination of the elective options below. Work with your advisor to ensure this combination of courses will suit your interests and help you prepare for your final capstone. Courses are offered from multiple departments and may not be offered every term. Some courses have pre-reqs and we cannot give overrides or permits to take courses outside of HHUM.

  • HHUM 2100: Introduction to Health & Medical Humanities (3)
  • HHUM 4800: Portfolio Capstone in Health & Medical Humanities (3 credits): Students work in a class setting or with an advisor to create a specialized project emphasizing the student’s cumulative academic experience across the Health & Medical Humanities program and other related coursework. Coursework typically includes portfolio preparation, written report, and an oral report.

Elective Courses (12 credits)

Health & Medical Humanities

  • HHUM 3020: Topics in Health & Medical Humanities (3 credits). Timely and important areas relevant to Health & Medical Humanities. May be repeated for credit with the permission of the minor advisor. OPEN TO MINORS and IDST/HHUM MAJORS ONLY.
  • HHUM 3030: Health & Medical Humanities Study Abroad (3 credits). Examines Health & Medical Humanities in an international setting. May be repeated for credit with the permission of the minor advisor. OPEN TO MINORS and IDST/HHUM MAJORS ONLY. It has not been offered yet.

Africana Studies

  • AFRS 2050: Topics in Africana Studies: Religion and Racism
  • AFRS 2170: Introduction to Health and Environmental Issues 
  • AFRS 2172: Black Sexuality and Health
  • AFRS 3155/HIST 3155: Health and Healing in Africa
  • AFRS 3218: Racial Violence, Colonial Times to Present
  • AFRS 3250: African Americans and Health Comm
  • AFRS 3260: Slavery, Racism, and Colonialism in the African Diaspora
  • AFRS 3261: Psychology of the Black Experience
  • AFRS 3278: Race in the History of Brazil
  • AFRS 3692: Colloquium
  • AFRS 4050: Topics in Africana Studies: Black Masculinity, Health, and Sexuality
  • AFRS 4652: Race, Health, and The African Diaspora 

American Studies

  • AMST 2050: Topics in American Studies: Race in the U.S. and Latin America
  • AMST 3000: Seminar in American Studies​
    •  Topics included:
      • Love to Love You Baby: The Sexual Revolution of the 1960s and 1970s
      • Difference in America
      • Southern Foodways
      • Back in the World: The Vietnam War in American Culture
  • AMST 3020: Seminar in American Studies​: Topics included: Food in America; Ghosts in American Film and Culture
  • AMST 3050: Topics in American Studies: Sports in America - Issues and Controversies


  • ANTH 2020: Topics in Cultural Anthropology: Religion and Food
  • ANTH 2122: Beliefs, Symbols, and Rituals 
  • ANTH 2126: World Population Problems 
  • ANTH 2127: Environmental Anthropology
  • ANTH 2141: Principles of Biological Anthropology + Lab 
  • ANTH 2142: Primate Behavioral Ecology 
  • ANTH 2143: The Fossil Evidence for Human Evolution 
  • ANTH 2144: Neanderthals and Us 
  • ANTH 3050: Topics in Archaeology: Cemetery Studies
  • ANTH 3090: Topics in Anthropology: Included: Anthropology of Childhood;  Anthropology of Violence;  Cemetery Studies
  • ANTH 3122/3222: Culture, Health, and Disease 
  • ANTH 3125: Food and Globalization 
  • ANTH 3143: Race and Anthropology
  • ANTH 3144: Evolutionary Anthropology
  • ANTH 4090: Topics in Anthropology: Climate Change and Human Health 
  • ANTH 4140: Field Biology of the Primates 
  • ANTH 4141: Forensic Anthropology

Biological Sciences

  • BIOL 1110: Principles of Biology 1

Communication Studies

  • COMM 2107: Interpersonal Communication
  • COMM 3051: Topics in Health Communication​
    • Topics included:
      • Healthcare Narratives
      • End of Life Communication
      • Gender and Health
      • Media & Health
      • Health, Communication, and Marginalized Communities
      • Health, Race & Culture
      • The Social Construction of Health and Illness
      • Others will be approved, such as courses on race and healthcare

Criminal Justice & Criminology

(CJUS courses are restricted to CJUS majors and minors only)

  • CJUS 3366: Domestic Violence
  • CJUS 4351: Violence and  the Violent Offender
  • CJUS 4360: Drugs, Crime and the CJ System
  • CJUS 4363: Gender, Race and Justice
  • CJUS 4372: Drug Analytics


  • GRNT 3115/HLTH 3115: Health and the Aging Process
  • GRNT 3267/SOCY 3267: Sociology of Death, Dying and Bereavement
  • GRNT 4050/SOCY 4090: The Experience of Loneliness
  • GRNT 4260/HLTH 4260/WGST 4260: Women: Middle Age and Beyond


  • HIST 2002: Topics in Non-Western History: Gender and Sexuality in Latin American History
  • HIST 2140: Disease and Medicine in History
  • HIST 2170: Latino/as in the United States, 1846 to Present
  • HIST 3155/AFRS 3155: Health and Healing in African History

Latin American Studies

  • LTAM 2002: Topics in Latin American Studies: Historical Context - Gender and Sexuality in Latin American History


  • PHIL 3210: Ethical Theory 
  • PHIL 3230: Healthcare Ethics 
  • PHIL 3253: Science, Knowledge, and Values
  • PHIL 3920: Philosophy of Technology 
  • PHIL 3273: Philosophy and the Body
  • PHIL 3079: Topics of Identity/Society
    • Topics included:
      • Ecofeminism
      • Philosophy of Sport

Public Health

  • HLTH 3115/GRNT 3115: Health and the Aging Process
  • HLTH 4260/GRNT 4260/WGST 4260: Women: Middle Age and Beyond

Religious Studies

  • RELS 3300: Religion and Healing 
  • RELS 4300: Religion and the Body 
  • RELS 2000: Topics in Religious Studies
    • Topics included:
      • Religions and Food
      • Racism and Religion
      • Death and the Afterlife in Asian Religions


  • SOCY 2169: Sociology of Health and Illness
  • SOCY 3110: American Minority Groups
  • SOCY 3261: Human Sexuality
  • SOCY 3267/GRNT 3267: Sociology of Dying, Death, and Bereavement
  • SOCY 4090/GRNT 4050: The Experience of Loneliness


  • SPAN 3222: Spanish for Healthcare Professionals 
  • SPAN 4050: Topics: Medical Interpreting 

Women and Gender Studies

  • WGST 2160: Intro to Lesbian & Gay Studies/Intro to LGBTQ+ Studies
  • WGST 3050: Topics in Women’s Studies
    • Topics included:
      • Human Sexuality and Culture
      • Feminist Healthcare Ethics
      • Race, Sexuality, and the Politics of Personhood
      • Feminism and Fitness
      • Ecofeminism
  • WGST 3102: Changing Realities of Women’s Lives
  • WGST 3140: Domestic Violence
  • WGST 3310: Gender and Sexuality
  • WGST 4260/GRNT 4260/HLTH 4260: Women: Middle Age and Beyond

TOTAL= 18 credits



Students must attain an overall GPA of 2.0 in all coursework within the minor.